Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Has it really been almost a month since my last post? Wow! School is great right now. I am on a clinical rotation at Mission Hospital in Asheville, on the very same unit that Jennifer works on. I get to see her for a minute in the mornings after she is done giving report to the next shift, and I am getting report from the previous shift. I guess I could actually have to get report from Jennifer one of these days, that would be nice. 

Class is hard, but I think I just barely still have an "A" for the term. The class average on the past few tests has not been great, I can only assume we will be loosing a few classmates to attrition soon. I am enjoying being back in the acute hospital setting more than ever, with complex patients, and really powerful pharmaceutical interventions going on. Some of the drugs we use today are nothing short of amazing. How we ever figured out that this one pill will fix your heart, and not kill you is beyond me. 

I have applied to several units at Mission, and hope to hear back for an interview soon. I can't believe I am going to graduate soon. Oh, and I was chosen by my classmates to give the student address at the RN graduation ceremony. What an honor. I'll have to start working on that one ASAP. 

Here at home, I'm on spring break, and waiting for the weather to cooperate long enough so that I can finish the roofing project I started a Looooooong time ago. 

The picture is a shot of me at the Greenville Bicycle Training Race Series. I was there doing support for my favorite team and rider, BMW Bianchi and Jennifer. 

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