Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Greenville Racing Series

Jennifer and I recently spent three weekends down in Greenville, SC for a series of spring races. The six races were the first real races since her return to racing bicycles this year. We were really happy with the results, she got the overall 5th spot, out of more than 40 women competing. Jennifer, of course, was a little disappointed at first that she didn't do better, but she changed her tune when she realized that she had exceeded her goals coming into the series. The 5th place overall is a payoff of all the long hours she has spent on her bike since early February of this year. Pretty good for such a short time of formal training. Her coach has her doing some sprint training, and standing power rides that are not only fun, but will surely help her improve her finishes. 

The next big race is the weekend of April 4, and I'm considering doing the omnium myself. Being around all of this racing is making me want to do it. I just don't think I can resist. For sure I want to do the Charleston series April 19 & 20th. 

The pictures are just various shots of Jennifer and her squad-mates at the races, enjoy!

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