Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This is what my classroom looks like

This semester, class is taking place in a large auditorium on the auxiliary campus . There are 80 students, so we are split into two sessions, I'm in the second one 1-3pm. In this shot we are taking a must pass math test. I made 100%. I was the second person done, so I was able to snap this shot with our new camera. 
Jen is racing this weekend, so we are going to Greenville, SC Saturday and Sunday. I will take lots and lots of pictures, then post the best here for your pleasure.



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c h r i s t y b l a k e l y said...

Thanks so much for all of your support at the races! It sure is nice for us ladies to have such good fans – and you take such good care of Jen! I loved the photos you showed me from Sat’s race (although I’m still heartbroken over the flat) … I’d love to put some pics from the weekend on my blog – would you mind sharing some with me? Also, Jen mentioned video of Sunday’s race … any chance you could upload that to youtube? I’d love to see the finish and review with my coach as we are working diligently on my sprinting right now.
Thanks again and hope to see you guys this weekend!!