Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cycling in Black Mountain

I met my friend Brian Burns, of Asheville, yesterday for a ride in
Black Mountain. We parked at the Ingles supermarket by interstate 40,
and rode a 23 mile loop with a short side trip to the lot. The loop
will surely be a favorite of Jennifer, and is part of the Hilly
Hellacious Hundred route. The only thing I had in my stomach all day
was a muffin and cup of black coffee. needless to say, this was not
really enough for 2300 feet of climbing in 23 miles. By the time we
got back to the car we were wiped out, and famished. We had planned to
get some grub in town at one of the nicer eateries, but when we saw
Taco Bell less than 200 feet from the car we pounced on it. The two of
us consumed $18 worth of faux Mexican fare. Honestly, I did not think
it possible for TWO people to spend $18 in Taco Bell in one sitting.
It can be done, as evidenced by the second photo. We laughed when we
got that tray of bean pies, and people must have thought we were from
somewhere else when they saw us taking pictures of it.

My legs are spent from 2 days in a row of good rides. Jen is getting
up right now to drag me out for another 3 hour ride today, I hope I
make it!!

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