Sunday, October 21, 2007

under contract

We are under contract for the property we found in Black Mountain,
NC. Jennifer and I could not be more excited about this!! I don't
have a really good picture of the land, but the shot included here
should give an idea of the deep woods feel it has. We are considering
building a round house from Oregon Yurtworks, you can visit their
site at
We have till mid December to make sure all the standards required to
build are met, then we close! Yea for us!
I went to visit the property with a friend yesterday, and we brought
our road bicycles for a ride in the area. We saw no less than 20
other cyclists while we rode in Black Mountain, and I'm not talking
about some dude on his way to the grocery, I mean serious cyclists in
full regalia. That's out kind of town!!

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