Friday, October 12, 2007

land deal today

I have not blogged in a while, I know what a slacker. Well, there is
a good reason, we have been busy putting together a land deal in
Black Mountain. OK, that has not taken up all of my time, I am still
a slacker with the blog. The land is 10 miles from Downtown Black
Mountain, and has everything we want: 2 creeks, mountain view, flat
homesite, 5 acres, and best of all....... no neighbors! The bottom of
the land borders a 175 acre land conservation easement, so we are
hoping that no houses will ever be built there, although you could
not see them from the homesite anyway. Mom came out and looked at the
property and really seemed to like it. Bill Reinert came next and
pointed out some really cool options we had not considered.
The area seems to be ideal for cycling, and we are going to give that
a try today with Brian Burns. All in all Jen and I are really excited
about the prospect of building our own private house in the woods. We
both understand that it will be a challenge, and we are bound to
argue about the details, but we have always been able to work it out
in the past, and compromise. I'll post pictures soon.

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