Monday, November 5, 2007

septic: no worries in Black Mountain

Jen and I visited the Department of Health in Asheville today to see
about the septic situation on the land we are under contract on. We
gave the helpful people in the office the name and address of the
owner, and they were able to give us a tiny little map that shows the
basic location of the septic system. It is almost worthless. The good
news is that because the land was already permitted for a 3 bedroom,
they do not have to come out and do it again. They told us that if we
could locate the old system, they would come out, inspect it, and
sign of on it for $65. It will pass inspection as long as there is
not a mound of dirt or tree growing on it. It dawned on me while I
was sitting at a light next to a construction site that was pouring
concrete that the septic tank was more than likely concrete,
reinforced with rebar. Now if I could just score a metal detector I
could locate it! At Dick's sporting goods the cheapest one was $125.
At Target, a toy version that will certainly work was $14. I know own
a toy metal detector, stay tuned to see how it works!

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