Monday, July 14, 2008

Wow, what a yurt!

I spent 2 weeks camping on our land in Black Mountain putting up the yurt we ordered in February. My body is aching, I'm covered with bruises from falling off the deck 2 times, but we now have a yurt to live in. The deck is 8 feet off the ground at the highest point, 46 feet across diagonally. The yurt from Blue Ridge Yurts is a 24 foot model, fully insulated, with a regular door and a French Door opposite it. I could not have done this work by myself, and I wish to thank all of you that helped: Cousin Bob and his family, Carlos, Bill, Art, James, Brian, my wife Jen, and especially my mom, who stuck with me through the entire process even when I was ranting madly with frustration and exhausted. 
Here are some shots of the process, just follow the link:

The shots of the fabric and insulation going on are still on Jennifer's camera. I will retrieve them and put a full slide show together with narration as soon as I can. The deck is still lacking the final deck planking in some spots, but both doors are on and they lock, so we can stay there and feel safe about leaving our stuff overnight. There are many details I wish to share with all of you reading along, but I have to move on to the next project, NURSING BOARDS!!!!!! Yes, I have to take the national exam on Saturday, so the next five days are reserved for study. I will take some breaks and post more tales from the yurt raising process as the chance presents itself. Thanks again to all that helped out!!

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Frank O said...

Nice Yurt! Can I hang out there with you?