Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week trip to the South

Tomorrow night I'm taking an overnight train to Barcelona, where I will stay for a couple days. From there I am taking a ferry to the island of Menorca for three more days of travel. I am bringing my new bike with me, and plan to ride it all over the island, which is only 24 miles long. I am really excited for this excursion, and promise to take lots of pictures. I will arrive on Menorca in the city of Mao, and depart three days later from Ciutadella. Menorca visit website

I spent most of today surfing the internet, researching my trip, and visiting the Atocha train station, here in Madrid, to buy tickets. I would like to have traveled on the train that goes 200 mph, but it cost three times as much, so I'm OK with the longer trip time. 

The picture is from the Museum of the Americas, a real shrunken head, one of the coolest things I have seen.

Dad leaves for the US on the 17th, and I follow on the 20th. I plan to go to several other "local" to Madrid towns when I get back from the South of Spain. See you all soon!!

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