Monday, June 9, 2008

As I was putting the computer away for a week, maybe a little less, I noticed that there are some slideshows on my site, that I have failed to post links to here on the blog. So without further fanfare, or particular narration here you go.

Some of you may have already seen these when I sent you a private email, the others, well, here is your chance. 

The first link is a trip to Gijon, follwoed by a whirlwind trip around to some of the fishing villages, a lookout in the mountains, and a super cool trip to Covadonga, the chapel built into the cliff, and some alpine lakes in the Picos de Europa. Jennifer did indeed ride her bike up to the lakes, could be the hardest ride of the year for her. 

The second set is from another day trip into the mountains, this time with dad's cousin. Jennifer again rode her bike, I was too sick at the time to make the ride, I'm surprised I even made it out of the house to be honest. The church in the pictures was built in 891 AD, and yes the key did operate the door.

And finally the third set is our bike trip up and over the mountains, out of Asturias. The climbing was great, the grade went to 17% although we did not get a picture of that sign. I had so much fun with my wife on this ride, I wish it had never ended. Coming down the other side was not as nice. Everything turned brown, and workers were mining everything in site. 

OK, I'm off to Barcelona! 

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