Monday, May 19, 2008

What a great ride

Here are the pics to go with Jennifer's notes. Some of the first ones
are from supper the day before. This is the best cycling I have yet to
do in my life. There is no direction that you can look and not be
amazed by the view. Enjoy, we did.

MAY 18, 2008 • CYCLING IN NORTHERN SPAIN • (Happy Birthday Dad!)

We rode our bikes to Luanco. It is difficult crossing the river from
Aviles by bike when you don't have very good directions. We tried
following the street signs, but they were made for cars and we ended
up on a major highway. We finally got off at Piedras Blancas and asked
someone at a gas station directions. He actually gave us pretty good
directions. We rode past Salinas and hugged the river until we found
the bridge. There is also a walking path along the river. We took
AS-238 to Luanco which was a direct route, but it wasn't very busy. It
was a beautiful country road with houses filled with yards of flowers.
They must propagate flowers here… they have thousands of dollars are
flowers in their yards. It's incredible.

Luanco is a beautiful small town on the ocean with small beaches and
restaurants overlooking the ocean. There is a path along the water. An
older man was feeding these big fish some bread. The photo
opportunities of this bike ride were endless. Every view was amazing
whether in the country or the city. I especially like the tight
streets lined with older buildings. The buildings are abundant with
flower boxes and clothes lines.

From Luanco, we went along the coast on smaller country roads to a
lighthouse (Cabo Peñas). It looks flat on the map, but it is far from
flat. Up and down with beautiful views. Tiny towns along the way. At
the lighthouse was a path along the ocean with more sculptures. There
were other cyclists, too. We returned to Aviles along the northern-
most country road and crossed the bridge through the industrial area.
We rode for 3.5 hours bike time and 45 miles. It never rained on us,
although it was cool.

Gonzalo and Elia prepared fabada (sp?) for dinner… large bean soup
with chorizo. We're still working on that giant bread, too. After
dinner, Gonzalo, Elia, and I went for an hour and a half walk around
town and along the river path. We walked until 10:30 pm. The streets
are still populated with people at this time.

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