Saturday, May 31, 2008

Long time comming

Ok, I have fallen really behind in my blogging duties. I am going to play a little catch up here. On the third day in Aviles we started by eating the same breakfast the locals eat, cookies. Yes, in Spain many people eat cookies, not too sugary, for breakfast. I don't think it is too different from the American way of eating cereal and milk, maybe even less sugar is consumed this way, these cookies are not very sweet. Then we went to the local market to get the ingredients for supper later in the day. The local market runs till noon or so, and has just about everything you can imagine. Stand outs were the fish or olive selections. Then we went to Gijon for some sights. We checked out some of the touristy areas while dad was getting his driver's license renewed. The views from the hill on the west end of the beach were incredible, and we explored the oldest portion of the city as well before dad called us to meet. After we went back to the house in Aviles, Jennifer and I decided to explore the local hills on bike. We rode up the super steep hill that leads out of Aviles opposite the port, and rode on several ridges till we ended up at the beach. Jennifer convinced me to ride up to the top of the bluff, and we found a beautiful spot in a park overlooking the coast. The burro in the photo doubled as the lawn mower. The owner just moved him around to where the grass needed trimming and that was that. 

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