Monday, April 28, 2008

Criterium racing catchup!

My gosh is has been a while since my last update. I'll try to keep it
brief. Charleston was just what we needed. We left Sylva at around
9pm, I know that is kind of late to start a 4.5 hour drive to the
coast. We arrived at about 2am, and went straight to bed in the hotel
that was less than 2 miles from the race site. The race site on
Saturday was in a neighborhood called I'on Village, one of those
Florida style developments with some green space, canals, and shops at
the entrance. My race went off at 1020am, and I was not positioned too
well from the start. After the 4th lap I was gapped off the back, but
kept peddling as hard as I could in hopes I could catch back up.
After about 1/2 a lap I started to pick up other riders that had a
little more fitness than I do at this point, and we became a crew of
about 10 riders. I pulled most of the way for a few laps, but the race
martial decided to end our race. I was disappointed that we were
pulled, especially when the field came around and I noticed that they
had sat up and stopped riding as hard for a few laps. Oh well, that is
bike racing, and I am just out there for the fun of it at this point.
Soon school will be over, my job will start, and I will be able to
focus on getting some good results. Jennifer's race went much better,
she raced hard, and came across the line in 5th and won some money.
After the race we met some of the BMW teamies at a great tavern on
Sullivan Island, then raced to James Island Park to set up camp. We
decided to camp the last two nights to save some money. We went right
to sleep, till the storms came. It rained and stormed till 230am, and
neither of us slept very well. In the morning, I decided to skip my
early race, so we could take our time getting to the race. The race
was in the park next to the Citadel, and was very photogenic. Jennifer
finished in the top 10 again. Here are the shots from the trip, the
other people in the photos are new and old friends that live in the

Next up was Athens, and the Twilight Criterium race. If you have never
seen this, you gotta go, it's intense. Jennifer and her team tried
hard to stay with the field, but bad positioning at the starting line
really made this difficult. The BMW girls really had a great time, and
I think they all were happy they did not suffer any skin loss, like
many other riders did this night. Here are some shots of the race. The
male racer in orange is Andre Vandenberg, a junior racer from
Asheville that finished 5th in this very big, very important race.

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